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Safely secure your European motorcycle with the Roadlok XRA Eurosport L while traveling from one spot to the next. Traditional disc locks don't provide the safety and security needed to keep potential thieves away from your investment. Our durable, high-quality lock won't break and will offer the protection you deserve. In addition, it's easy to install the system on your front brake caliper, keeping it there while you're on the go. If you own a motorbike with radial brake calipers, you need this lock in your life. It's a stress-free, damage-free piece of equipment worth traveling with wherever you go!

Not only is it simple enough to use, but it's also an incredibly safe alternative to traditional bike locking methods. Even if you forget to remove the lock, the immobilizer will keep you from moving with the lock still attached to the motorbike, ultimately preventing damage from occurring. Even if you try to start the bike and take off, the engine will stall until you've removed the lock from its place. In addition, you can’t release any bike on a center stand because the front wheel won’t rotate.

Secure your motorbike with ease and without carrying a bulky disc lock with you when you travel. It takes a few seconds to pop the BrakeBolt into the correct spot to keep your motorbike immobilized and in a safe place until you're ready to get back to riding. Having a safe and convenient way to secure your bike will give you peace of mind.


  • Convenient XRA Immobilizer keeps users from damaging their front caliper while keeping the lock stored safely on it.
  • It easily mounts to the left side caliper within minutes and comes with the essential mounting hardware you need to set it up.
  • There's no need to store your lock while you ride or worry about lugging a heavy lock with you. The durable yet lightweight lock conveniently attaches to the front of your motorbike for your convenience.
  • Easy to lock within seconds upon getting off the motorcycle and finding a good spot to store it.
  • Available specifically for motorbikes with radial brake calipers!


  • Roadlok body for right side radial brake calipers, 100mm bolt spacing.
  • Our unique BrakeBolt for locking your bike in place.
  • Dustplug to keep dirt out while riding.
  • All the spacer you'll need to install the Roadlok on any model motorbike.
  • Longer replacement bolts for the brake caliper.